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If you are here is because you want to buy or invest in a property and you need real estate advice.

Either you are a collegue and want to accompany you in professionalizing the real estate sector in Spain.

The objective of this website is clear, to provide tranquility and professionalism to national and international buyers who want to invest their capital, economic and emotional, in the real estate sector of the Spanish coast.

Costa Blanca

Adrián Barbudo has been matching “happy clients” and properties on the Costa Blanca for almost two decades. The areas he covers include Alicante, Torrevieja, Benidorm, Denia, Calpe, Altea, Villajoiosa, San Juan, Jávea, Santa Pola, La Mata, Dehesa de Campoamor, the Montesinos and Alfaz del Pí among others.

Adrián’s work has positioned his brand as one of the most important in all the Costa Blanca region, always involved and defending the interests of the buyer or real estate investor, whether spanish or foreign. His kindness and sincere character, transmits tranquility and confidence to his clients who seek to make one of the biggest investments of their lives, both economically and emotionally, in a property in this Mediterranean paradise.

The professionalism of Adrián Barbudo is demonstrated when negotiating and interceding for the interests of his client, always delivering more than expected. I invite you to contact a client of Adrián so that they can confirm how he considers first the interests of his customers before his own. As he says: “The happiness of my clients is the best business card ever”.

The Costa Blanca is a jewel of the Mediterranean, where the warmth of its people opens to the world, welcoming citizens from all over. With 320 days of sunshine per year, you will rarely have to reprogram a barbecue and outdoor sports are held throughout the year. Gastronomy, tradition, kindness and the tranquility of the sunrises over the Mediterranean. What are you waiting to come and live it?

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As an investor you are, your main concern is that the money you have decided to make in the real estate sector offers you the expected return. Investing in the real estate sector today is the best decision you can make to grow your money.

In 2007 the profitability in the sector was higher than 5.7% and to this amount we must add the revaluation of the property. In some cases and in some cities, the profitability value was higher with the sum of the two variables at 15%.

It is also worth remembering that mortgages are really cheap, and that it is a good time to invest with the help of external financing.

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Considering of buying a holiday home on the beach? Do you want to enjoy the sun and our wonderful beaches of the Costa Blanca with your family?

Then, you should know, that we are in a great moment to buy a holiday home and share it with your family and friends.

The supply of housing is increasing thanks to the incorporation of the promoters again, after many years of drought, there are cranes on our shores, now is a good time for you to buy a home and release it as a family

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"Estoy satisfecho al 100%"

Adrian Barbudo is one of the best real estate agents I have known in my more than 20 years as an entrepreneur in the real estate sector. He’s close and professional, which means being available almost 24 hours a day. In addition, he is very kind, sincere and polite a cuality that would please anybody.I’m 100% satisfied with the work he did with my plots and houses in Spain. I recommend it to everybody.


US Customer

Professional, competent, agile, effective and friendly

Adrian is a competent professional, agile, effective, kind in his work; with knowledge of several languages and great resolutive capacity, of work and of mediation between the parties with the best aptitudes to achieve the good purpose pursued in any job, company or investment.



"Superando las expectativas de un agente inmobiliario"

While looking for an apartment on Spain’s Costa Blanca, Adrian’s real estate consulting services were esential for locating the ideal apartment for us. Even more at the time of negotiate the price with the owner. We recommend Adrian as efficient and reliable. Their services exceeded our expectations regarding a real estate agent.

Michael & Hanna

Norwegian Customers


I was born in a small city next to Madrid full of history, Segovia. I studied Business Management and Administration at Domingo’s de Soto University (attached to the Complutense University of Madrid).

My specialty has been the real estate sector,. The financial analysis of the real estate assets made me continue to train as an Real Estate Agent for the University Camilo José Cela and then successfully completed a Master in Urbanism and Real Estate Management.

It could be said that I have dedicated two decades of my life for the purpose that buying a property would became a good investment. However, any of my clients that you’d ask they will tell you that my main motivation is to find a place where their families can built a home. I currently reside on the Costa Blanca, in Alicante, where I have also established my own home, together with my wife and two daughters.

As an entrepreneur, in 2017 I co-founded Koury, a company dedicated to e-commerce in the United States. Incurable optimist, maintaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude at all times. Always learning !!

My Book

Why is it a good time to buy or invest in a property?

In this book the Adrián explains the situation of the real estate sector in Spain, puts us in antecedents: the construction boom and how the industry has survived all these years of financial crisis. The book offers interesting data and advice based on his professional experience that will be very useful to the investor / buyer of a home on the Costa Blanca.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about buying or investing in real estate, this book can save you a lot of time, money and worries. These pages are full of practical concepts that will help you face one of the most important decisions of your life.

It is an easy and practical book, so it ensures a quick and enjoyable reading focused on HELPING YOU in what will be one of the biggest investments, financially and emotionally, of your life, YOUR HOME.

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